Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Whatever After

Are you ready for a new spin on some classic fairy tales?  Best-selling author Sarah Mlynowski has a new series out called Whatever After.  

Meet two normal kids, Abby and Jonah, with an unusual mirror in their basement.  It is a magic mirror that unexpectedly transports them into fairy tales.  Once there, Abby and Jonah accidentally mess up the tales.  If Snow White does not eat the poisoned apple, how can she will meet her prince?  The challenge is to fix the tales so that everyone has a happy ending and find a way home. 

Watch out for those plot twists though... When Cinderella breaks her foot, the glass slipper will not fit.... And when their friend Robin pricks her finger on the spinning wheel, Sleeping Beauty is wide awake! 

Action, adventure, fantasy and humor... These books have it all!

Click here to visit the Scholastic website to read Whatever After book excerpts, play a dress up game and learn more about the author of this new series.  

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