Thursday, February 12, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day!

This week in library the focus was on friendship and caring for each other.  In Grade 1, we wrote a letter of appreciation to our parents.  In Grade 2, we brainstormed what love looks, feels, tastes and smells like.  In Grade 3, we wrote friendship recipes.

What ingredients would be in your recipe for friendship?

A  Recipe  for  Friendship
You will need:
©          a pinch of joy
©          1 handful of kindness
©          2 spoonfuls of gentleness
©          1 cup of sharing
©          a teaspoonful of helpfulness
©          3 heaped tablespoons of laughter
©          2 scoops of trust
©          a sprinkling of cheerfulness
© a dash of gratitude
©          buckets of love
Directions: Mix all these together. Stir well. Enjoy years of good friendships!

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