Wednesday, February 4, 2015

David M. Schwartz came to visit!

How long would it take to say thank you a million times?

We here at KIS Jeju were treated to excellent presentations by our visiting author Mr. David Schwartz.  We love how he combined reading, research, math, science and humor. Most importantly, we have been inspired to start wondering ourselves.  "If" really is a great math word... It lets you imagine anything!

 Mr. Schwartz at Cheonjiyeon Falls

A million places to read includes the Zen Restaurant on the south end of the island.

"Wondering is wonderful." 

"If you wonder, you will have great ideas."

 "One day you might take your wonderings and turn them into books!"

"What if you had a tongue like a chameleon?"

 "What if you could hop like a frog?"

"When I write, I try to give you pictures in your mind." 

"How long would it take to pop a million kernels of corn?" 

 "Wonderful is full of wonder."

"If you are going to count the zeros, try counting by three's."

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