Library I can statements

"I can" statements in the Library

😊 I can be respectful by walking and using a quiet voice in the library.

😊 I can use a shelf marker to help keep the books in order on the shelves.

😊 I can find "just right" books.

😊 I can keep my books safe and return them on time.

😊 I can log into my library account.

😊 I can renew my books.

😊 I can place holds.

😊 I can find books I want by searching the library catalog.

😊 I can use an encyclopedia to find information.

😊 I can use a safe search engine to find information on websites.

😊 I can use magazines and newspapers to find information.

😊 I can give credit where credit is due by using my own words and citing my sources.

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