Grade 5

Research Tips

*Read broadly and deeply from a variety of sources and many points of view*

1. books
2. encyclopedias - World Book and Britannica
3. magazines and newspapers - use a database such as Explora
4. educational programs such as BrainPop
5. websites - use a kid friendly search engine such as WebPath Express
6. people
7. pictures, videos, radio, TV, field trips, etc!

General Web Searches

You cannot automatically trust the information you find on the web.  Be a critical thinker!  

Key questions to ask yourself are:

  1. Who wrote it?
  2. What was their reason for writing it?
  3. When did they write it?
  4. Where did the information come from?
  5. How useful is the site? Relevance?
  6. How good is the site? Is it easy to navigate?
** Remember to check the information against credible sources. (Rule of 3)

 "Google is a popularity contest - not a judge of what is worthwhile."

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