Monday, February 16, 2015

The Dictionary... Our Friend!

Oh dictionaries!
How much do we appreciate you?
You help us with...
Our spelling
Our understanding
Our pronounciation
Our grammar
Our syntax
Our thirst to learn more
You really are a good friend!

Oh the dic-dic-dictionary is very necessary
With the dic-dic-dictionary you’ll see
Yes you’ll really see that it’s extra - ordinary
How the dic-dic-dictionary fills your vocabulary a - z

Look inside if you’ve a mind to learn the answers first
It’s the perfect book you’ll find to quench your mental thirst

Oh the dic-dic-dictionary is very necessary
Try the dic-dic-dictionary you’ll see
Any word that you can cook up, you can look up, pick the book up
The dic-dic-dic-dic-dic-dic-dic-dic-dic-dic-dictionary

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