The Big Ideas in Library...

The Big Ideas for Our Students
Our Learning Goals:
  • Students will be effective and ethical users of ideas and information.
  • Students will be able to independently pursue their reading interests.
Key Understandings:
  • All libraries work the same way.
  • Libraries provide access to all kinds of ideas, beliefs, and opinions.
  • Libraries support and encourage self-selected reading, listening, and viewing.
  • Library resources are responsibly shared, respected, and preserved.
Key Student Questions:
  • How do I find answers to my questions?
  • What do I want to read next?
  • How do my choices in the library and with library resources affect others?
Key Knowledge:
  • Libraries classify and organize ideas and information (genre, format, location).
  • Call numbers on spine labels show location.
  • The library catalog is the key to accessing the collection.
  • Many sources of information (print and digital) can be accessed to meet information needs. Examples of sources include books, magazines, newspapers, posters, databases, websites, and audio-visual materials.
  • There are strategies to choosing ‘just right’ materials.
  • Libraries are a communal resource with specific rules and expectations.
Key Skills:
  • using the library catalog to search by title, author, keyword, and subject
  • identifying and reading call numbers
  • applying knowledge of alphabetical and numerical order to find resources on the shelves
  • navigating websites and databases
  • evaluating information and sources of information for relevance, authority, currency, bias, and coverage
  • Students are able to apply knowledge and skills to new units of study, are able to help others with their information searches, and are able to confidently utilize libraries.

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