All About Us

Welcome to our library!

Hours of operation:
Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Student borrowing:
Prekindergarten... 1 book  (plus the book-a-day program)
Kindergarten... 1 book in the fall, 2 books in the spring (plus the book-a-day program)
Grade 1... 2 books in the fall, 3 books in the spring
Grade 2 - Grade 5... 3 books at a time

Things to know:
  • Students may visit the library using a library pass any time during school hours to exchange books, do research, etc.
  • If a student has an overdue book, he/she cannot take out another book until the late book is returned.
  • If a student has lost or damaged a book, he/she cannot take out another book until the replacement fee has been paid.
  • Every student is encouraged to have a special book bag for his/her library books.
  • Elementary students use shelf markers while browsing for books.
  • In the library, we stress being respectful and caring.  We use quiet voices, care for the books, care for the furniture, and care for each other!  

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