Saturday, November 5, 2016

Are you ready for a story!?!

We are excited to welcome storyteller and musician Karen Golden from the United States on Thursday, November 17!
Storytelling is the sharing of tales with one or more listeners through voice and gesture. This is the oldest form of education and it has numerous benefits including: 

  • improved imagination
  • improved listening skills
  • increased love of language, reading and creative writing
  • improved vocabulary, comprehension, sequencing ability, and recall/memory

You can learn more about Karen Golden by visiting her website at
For more photos, you can go to

In order to prepare for our American storyteller visit, we watched a short sample of her stories...

We also listened to professional British storytellers share traditional tales at (

Would you like to enjoy more stories? Check out the Story Bee website to listen to professional storytellers from across America spin their tales. (

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