Saturday, November 26, 2016

Nerdy Birdy by Aaron Reynolds

The third picture book being considered for the Morning Calm Medal this year is
Aaron Reynold's Nerdy Birdy!

"Nerdy Birdy likes reading, video games, and reading about video games, which immediately disqualifies him for membership in the cool crowd.  One thing is clear: being a nerdy birdy is a lonely lifestyle.

When he's at his lowest point, Nerdy Birdy meets a flock just like him. He has friends and discovers that there are far more nerdy birdies than cool birdies in the sky.  

Everything is looking up until a bird moves into the neighbourhood.  She looks lonely but not exactly nerdy.  What is a nerdy bird to do?"  - Good Reads Review

To learn more about the author Aaron Reynolds, you can visit his website at

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