Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Welcome Ms. Yangsook Choi!

Look who is coming to KIS Jeju on Thursday, Feb. 16th… 
Ms. Yangsook Choi!
* born in Seoul, Korea
* immigrated to United States in 1991
* hobbies and other interests include gardening, sculpting, swimming, hiking, and traveling
* dedicated to telling stories of Asian people and traditions
* believes children’s stories should contain a positive message with the power to enhance their lives
* as an author, keeps an idea notebook and reads a lot

Being an author and an illustrator is her thing!

Here are some of the books that she has written...

Here are some of the books she has illustrated...
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To learn more, you can visit her website at...
If you want a book autographed, please follow these steps:

1. Buy one of her books.
2. Write your name and class clearly inside the front cover.
3. Hand in the book to the ES Library by Wednesday, February 15.

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