Sunday, January 15, 2017

A Boy and a Jaguar by Alan Rabinowitz

The fourth picture book being considered for the Morning Calm Medal this year is
Alan Rabiniwitz's A Boy and a Jaguar!

"Alan loves animals, but the great cat house at the Bronx Zoo makes him sad. Why are they all alone in empty cages? Are they being punished? More than anything, he wants to be their champion—their voice—but he stutters uncontrollably.  Except when he talks to animals…Then he is fluent.

Follow the life of the man Time Magazine calls, "the Indiana Jones of wildlife conservation" as he searches for his voice and fulfills a promise to speak for animals, and people, who cannot speak for themselves. This real-life story with tender illustrations by Catia Chien explores truths not defined by the spoken word." - Amazon review

You can learn more about the book at

Here is a short interview with the author to which you can listen:

You can learn about jaguars at National GeographicNational Geographic Kids UK, and the San Diego Zoo.

You can learn more about stuttering at

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