Sunday, November 20, 2016

Thank you, Ms Karen Golden!

All of elementary was treated to wonderful stories last Thursday by our visiting storyteller Karen Golden. (

PK and Kindergarten enjoyed the first performance. 
The orchestra song and The Little Red Hen were definite favourites.

The second performance saw Grade 4 and 5 really tuning into all of the musical instruments Ms. Golden incorporated into her storytelling.  Grade 4 was especially keen to learn more about the Native American rain maker.

Grade 1 and 2 were excited to meet Ms. Golden and hear her stories.  The Magic Hat story made a big impression. 

The final performance of the day saw Grade 3 enjoying not only The Big Fish and Salt Peanuts but also The Big Pumpkin, The Magic Pot and The Runaway Red Bean Bun.

Thank you, Ms. Golden, for opening our eyes, 
ears and hearts to the magic of stories!

We loved all of your musical instruments...
especially the nose flute!

Thank you also for the gift of the golden story box. 
We promise to never stop sharing stories.

P.S.  We also will never forget your golden shoes!!!

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